6 Reasons to Remove Growing Trees

While trees can add privacy and beauty to a yard, tree removal is sometimes required to keep the family and the home safe. A damaged or sick tree can quickly become a danger as the wood turns brittle and weak. Below is some helpful advice on when removal is the appropriate option.

Dead Branches

Keep the property in the family safe by removing dead branches as soon as possible. Allowing them to remain in place puts everyone at risk for injury and serious property damage. Call an expert tree service to cut down dead branches as soon as they are found.

An Unhealthy Tree

Look at the trunk and branches for visible signs of decay or death. Although some problems can be solved if they are caught early enough, removal is the best option if the tree has reached an advanced stage of decay. This can help protect the home and the family from damage and injury, and it can prevent diseases in the rest of the property’s landscaping.

Atypical Growth Patterns

A large tree may sometimes grow too close to a building, or it may lean because it is top-heavy. Even a healthy tree can become a risk when it leans. For example, a storm can cause the tree to fall on the home, causing expensive and severe property damage.

Internal Decay

When a tree decays on the inside, it indicates a structural issue that may cause other problems in the future. Damaged wood can encourage fungus and bacteria to grow, and it can even cause a pest infestation that spreads to the home. For this reason, the homeowner should call for professional removal as soon as possible.


A cracked limb signifies that the tree has a weak spot. Over time, damage can get worse, and it may result in falling branches and an unbalanced tree that is at a higher risk of falling or leaning.

Unsuitability for the Area

If the tree is too large, it may threaten other things in the area. Overgrown branches can become Tangled and power transmission lines, leading to a fire or a power outage. Such trees can also interfere with nearby construction projects, causing a danger to workers.

If a homeowner is worried about dangerous trees near his or her home, they can keep the property safe by hiring a tree expert.

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