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Remodeling of Commercial and Residential Properties. Towns in many countries have advanced to the next level of new building construction. Also there have been residential and commercial remodeling of properties in the urban centers. Residential remodeling involves the construction of new residential units with new building plans or the renovation of existing apartments. Some of the reasons for new properties construction are. To cater for the growing high number of people in the town areas. Towns usually have a high number of people and also many more people relocate to the town areas on regular basis. People migrate to urban centers for various reasons such as, to get education, the urban planners have urged the remodel of residential units such that one unit can host more than one student. Having several beds in a single unit lows the cost of occupying the room. Other groups relocate to urban centers as there are more job opportunities. Workers will need a place to rest after the day’s work. We have seen urban centers constructing multi-floored residential apartments. To be line with the recent innovations. City planners are recommending the use of new building plans for both residential and commercial properties. New designs have considered some construction materials to be obsolete and provided replacements for them. Current city business premises layout is the construction of large space to host several businesses instead of each business being a different location. Urban areas are having mega constructions of a single large commercial center to host as many businesses as possible. Also businesses are changing their operations procedures which also cause the business to remodel its operation area layout. Current residential apartments are putting emphasizes on being green. Hence we have residential units to use alternative natural energy such as sunlight, by allowing it to get inside from the building openings. Solar panels are also becoming an alternative source of energy for urban area properties.
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The upcoming building plans are also meant to conserve the limited urban area space. Features of towns is large number of apartments making vacant real estate a scarce resource. Hence the owners of land in urban areas will be advised to construct apartment that will make the best use of the land. One strategy of efficient use of real estate, is allocating parking area in underground space of the properties.
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The recent trends have seen property owners demolish small apartment in prospect of developing large new design properties that generate more revenue. The result of the process is having a more beautiful and productive city. Also remodeling has assisted to clean up the dirty parts of the urban areas.

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