What Is Credit Card For Bad Credit?

Generally credit cards are given to people who have an excellent repayment history and a very good credit score. If you were always regular in your payments and have never missed a grace period then you will find many willing creditors around you. But the situation changes drastically if you have an irregular repayment history.

An irregular repayment history definitely makes it obvious that Credit bureaus will give you a very low credit score. A very low or poor credit score on the other hand definitely diminishes your chance to get a creditor. Generally, credit score under 619 is considered as poor credit score.

But this never suggests that a person with bad or low credit will never get a credit card or will never be able to mend his situation. There are companies and financial institutions who offer credit card for bad credit. Credit cards for bad credit are actually designed for the people who have a very low credit score and can not get a regular credit card.

Now, if you have a bad credit you have to mend it. You have to prove again your credit worthiness so that you get regular credit cards in the future with regular interest rates. You wont be able to prove your wroth until and unless some one provides you a credit again and you shoe your worth by repaying it with in time. Credit cards for bad credit do this bit for you. By applying for a credit card for bad credit you actually get a chance to prove your worth as a possible customer for the different regular creditors. You pay all the installments on time to prove that financially you are financially sound.

Credit cards for bad credit charge high interest rates because they are risking their money. They also provide credit for a very small period of time. They may also charge some thing extra. But as they can help the individuals with bad credit score, people do take them as a good option to regain their credit score.

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