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Important Information About Aged Care Funding Instrument

What is The Aged Care Funding Instrument?

The Aged Care Funding Instrument also known as ACFI is used in assessing the relative care needs of the residents and they are also used in allocating the Government subsidy to aged care providers so they can offer care to the residents. The ACFI was known as the RCS or Resident Classification Scale. There are 12 care need questions in the instrument. Every question has 4 ratings and 2 diagnostic parts. Independent, supervision, physical assistance and mechanical lifting equipment are the four ratings that they use in the questions. Those residents that are part of the independent rating are those residents that only needs minimal help or those residents that do not need any help at all or for those that does not require care need.

There are three funding domains in the ACFI, the BEH or behaviour, the CHC or complex health care and the ADL or activities of daily living. The activities of daily living also known as ADL provides ratings on personal hygiene, mobility, toileting, continence and nutrition questions to determine the level of subsidy. The behaviour supplement provides ratings on the physical behaviour, verbal behaviour, wandering, cognitive skills and depression questions to know the behavior supplement. The CHC or the complex health care provides ratings on the medication and complex health care process questions to know the complex health care. Each category has a certain level. The levels are low, medium and high. The ACFI process consists of five steps.

Here are the five steps in the ACFI process:

First step: Assessment

Assessment is the first step in the ACFI process. The assessment should be support the checklist.

Second step: Checklist

The data of the checklist will be completed by the ACFI appraiser. The assessment and checklist data must be in sync.

Third step: Rating A up to D

They rate each with the letters A, B, C and D. Determining the classification of the residents is the next step.

Fourth step: The submissions

It is the task of the Aged Care Funding Instrument appraiser to verify if the Aged Care Funding Instrument Appraisal pack was completed based on the necessary guidelines. Those people that were approved to complete and submit an Aged Care Funding Instrument application must be certified.

Fifth step: Record keeping

If the resident will be approved all of he necessary materials that will be used for audit and accountability purposes will be safely stored for future audit.

This are the steps in the Aged Care Funding Instrument process.

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